All American Zombie Drugs
Coming to DVD April 23rd & VOD June 23rd!

All American Zombie Drugs DVD
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Nothing kills a buzz like a zombie attack.

Vinny and Sebastion, two burnouts going nowhere in small town suburbia and still riding the high of their high school days, start a business doing the only thing they have ever excelled at... Drugs. With the help of a jealous girlfriend and a rich goth chick, Vinny and Sebastion take on angry, geeky frat-boys, dangerous businessmen, zombies and more in search of the perfect high.


Written & Directed by:
Alex Ballar


Beau Nelson, Wolfgang Weber, Natalie Irby, Susan Graham


Also Starring:
Alex Ballar, Brian Smith, David Reynolds, Bobby Burkey, Dennis Bover, Jeremie Loncka, Aidan Bristow

Natalie Irby as Melissa